WhatsApp has now finally rolled out its much-talked about Status update feature for all. This is one of the major updates the chat app but there are some reason why people don’t like this new feature

Where’s my old status

WhatsApp has removed the old status update feature that people used with their profile photo. we cant see old status on whatsapp. Suppose you are going outstation for 5 days and you want to update it to your friends than you have to tell your friend about it in every 24 hours again and again

if No image or media than No status

The new WhatsApp Status update allows you to share photos, videos and Gifs but no texts. but the second big problem with this update you will need a picture or video for status.
If you want to say something you have to say it with photos.

Where’s the contacts list

In old version it was easy to find contact list . but in this new update you first have to go chat and than you can see your contact list on top menu
its like a little big and boring task for user to find contact list

WhatsApp is now a social media app not messaging app

WhatsApp was once a haven for those looking for private and one-to-one message . but now its more a social media app than messaging app like instagram and snapchat .