Eat Healthy

Whatever you eat, it will effect your whole body parts. make sure that your diet consists of
whole grains such as barley, oats and wheat . They all have vitamin B, zinc and iron which are
beneficial for hair follicles. Eet Green vegetables which have vitamin A and c . Make sure whatever you eat you eat it right

You need to stop smoking

smoking affects the blood flow to your hair follicles leading to disruption of normal hair growth.
so guys stay away from smoking

Don’t over wash

washing is good for hair but daily hair wash can harm them . too much washing leads to getting
rid of the scalp born nutrients which are highly beneficial for hair and make them stronger
so wash once in 2 or 3 day not everyday

use natural Ingredients

dont be fully depends on shampoos and hair conditioners . sometimes experiment with natural
ingredients give you better results than you use shampoos. easily you can try with eggs which
are protein powerhouses can stimulate hair growth.use a simple hair mask of egg yolk and olive oil
which will give you better results

comb with carefully
People comb hair when its wet but wrong , it will lead to hair breakage
whenever you comb, use it gently and comb on dry hair