Dating behind your back

They are Dating behind their parents. They know that their parents will not allow that their kind date someone until he get a good job. They can talk with her on social media but their parents will never know that this is happening in their house 😀 .

They are not good in study as You think

Many university students don’t tell to their parents that they are getting much lower marks than the other students. Maybe the student is doing other things to become a success; like building a start-up or, focusing on other things that they think will help them make their way in this world but, parents always think that their child is getting good marks in college, however, it’s not true.

They have secrets on social media

They don’t want to connect with their parents on social media like: facebook or other social sites. Every men has their own secrets on social media and, his friends know about the secret, but they don’t want their parents to know about their secret.

They want to be independent

People don’t want that their parents to control them. All parents want to control their kids as much as possible but, They think that they are not children anymore and can decide themselves that what is right or wrong.

They are smoking and drinking

This is the most important thing which parents know very late that his kid was smoking and drinking for a years.Parents thing that their kids don’t smoke and drink but to be honest they do.
I believe that if parents have any doubt that his child is drinking or smoking they they should directly ask them.

They don’t want to talk about their friends

All teenagers have good and bad kinds of friends but, they don’t tell their parents about their bad friends.

They lie about what happens at the party

no one tell their parents that what really happened int he party, probably they never tell that they was drinking , smoking or other thing.