1. Make lots of friends!

In college you will meet lot of new people so be social! Remember, you’re probably going to live for four or five years with these people and making friends can help make your college life more enjoyable. For example: with new friends you can party, hangout and play games, or join a club

2. Do Parties with friends

We all know that we all came to college for study, But i think you should have fun too! Don’t miss your chance to party with your friends once and a while. Enjoy some parties with your friend and make memorable days

3. Its fun if you skip a class

I believe that its fun if we skip class and spend that time in other activity.
Even if you are not sick, maybe you could skip a class. Sometimes it is good to study by yourself and it is not uncommon for college students to skip class,But make sure that do it by your own risk i am not suggesting you do it 😉

4.Ask a girl on a date

If you are shy about this, just think: it is better getting rejected than regretting not having taken a chance. If you go get rejected, you’re not the only one. Most people have gotten rejected at least once before, so just go for it! Either way, it is a good experience.

5. Find your passion

In our school life we cant think that what really we want to be , but in our college life we can that what is our passion and what we want to be . Remember this college time is the best time to find your own passion

6. Join a gym and be perfect

Who don’t want to be perfect and stylish ? I believe that everyone want to be perfect by physically . Some college may have gym in hostel or find a gym which is near by you and join it.

7. Learn new skill

College life will give you lot of opportunities to learn new skill . There are many thing you can learn during your college life aside from your general studies. You can learn new games, dance , or music by joining a club. Use the internet to your advantage to find new things to learn that’s spark your interest.

8.Face your fears and try to solve it

Everyone have at least one weakness when they enter in college .College is the good place to overcome our fears and gain confidence because you are given more freedom. Your friends can also help you with this!

9.Take photos and videos

College is an important time in your life, so why wouldn’t you want to capture those moments? You may try new and fun things while college, and capturing these moments will make you laugh later and if you ever get bored. These photos and videos will be a memory of your amazing college days.

10.Do things which you are not able to do it before

Suppose that there are few thing which you was not allowed to do because of your family , But in college you are almost indepndent. you can stay up all night, and be free. Most students take advantage of this opportunity, so you should try it too.

11.Join college club and take part in college festivals

College festivals are a great way to show off some of your talent! You can join clubs like dance, drama, and music. you should join other college festivals also so you can meet new people and make new friend . It will help you to become more confident to talk with strange person