Walking is very effective for good health. It is easy, simple, and suitable for people of all ages.So be ready with your shoes and start walking. It will be more better if you walk in morning or evening .


The next level of walking is Running. Running help you for burn more calories .Running help you to increase your stamina and also it make your legs strong.

Push ups

People thing that push up is arm exercise only but it is a whole body exercise. push up work on the upper body muscle, legs and of course it help to make a arm muscle. It doesn’t matter that how many you can do , but you should do push up every day .

Playing a Game

It is not a exercise But it is better then any exercise .If you play any game then you always will be fit and you don’t need any exercise

Eating a health food

It is not a exercise but if you are not have good diet plan then no exercise will for you .So make sure that you have good diet plan .
If you will follow these simple rule then i am sure that you will be always fit