we all have fear to do something because lack of self confidence. The question is how to overcome that fear?
Today we are gonna tell you few steps which you can follow to boost your self confidence

Groom yourself and dress nicely

A shower and a shave can make your feeling better . If you dress nicely, you will feel good about yourself
dressing nicely means something different for everyone. you don’t need to buy high expensive clothes. As long
as you are clean, comfortable and feel good then you are set up for confidence.


A smile can disarm many social situation and make everyone feel more comfortable . Smiling reduced stress hormones in the brain. If you are worried about your fake smile then at least try to be happy while talking with someone

Think positive & kill negative thoughts

when we start to do any new things then negative thoughts come in mind first and make people stop to do that things
replace negative thoughts with positive thoughts. Thing positive and do your work and one day you will get success

Act positive

More than just thinking positive , you have to put in into action. Action is the key to developing self confidence you have to learn to think positive, but when you start action on it , you change yourself. If you just think positive and don’t do any work on it then you can’t build your confidence. so take action and you will start to notice a difference.

KNow yourself

Know yourself and you will win all battles. when you will understand that what you are then 50% problem almost solved. Start listening to your thoughts. Start writing a journal about yourself, and about the thoughts you have about yourself, and analyzing why you have such negative thoughts. And then think about the good things about yourself, the things you can do well, the things you like. Start thinking about your limitations, and whether they’re real limitations or just ones you’ve allowed to be placed there, artificially. Dig deep within yourself, and you’ll come out with even greater self-confidence.

Get prepared

Think about taking an exam: if you haven’t studied, you won’t have much confidence in your abilities to do well on the exam. But if you studied your butt off, you’re prepared, and you’ll be much more confident. Now think of life as your exam, and prepare yourself.

Speak slowly

This was my biggest fear, when i start to speak then i speak very fast. Even my parents say to me speak again whatever you told us and i have to repeat it again . That time i feel little embrace . still i am try to speak slowly and i am getting improve in my self. speak slowly so the person can listen you careful .Even if you don’t feel the confidence of someone who speaks slowly, try doing it a few times. It will make you feel more confident.

Set a small goal

A home made by one by one stones. Set a goal like you know you can achieve . If you want to achieve a big goal
then achieve it by small goals, you will feel confident when you will finish one small goal and it will help you for finish your next goal

focus on solution not in question

if you are a complainer or focus on problems then change your focus now. Focusing on solutions instead of problems is one of the best things you can do for your confidence and your career


I found that people who do exercise are more comfortable then who don’t exercise. Do exercise daily and it will help you for increase your confidence

Get active

Doing something is almost always better than not doing anything. Of course, doing something could lead to mistakes but mistakes are a part of life. It’s how we learn. Without mistakes, we’d never get better. So don’t worry about those. Just do something.

Work on small things

Small little achievements make you feel good, and they add up to big achievements. Learn to work like this all the time, and soon you’ll be a self-confident

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