To impress a girl you need to find out that what she like first and then see what you can do. Certain type of girls like certain type of boys. Here we will tell you the basic thing you can try to impress her.

1.Don’t try to impress her

If you really like someone and just want to impress her then don’t even try to impress her. you need to be yourself and don’t try be better than you are. Girls like the boy what really they are, so just improve yourself if you want show her better than you

2.Notice her like/dislike

Find out what she like first and than do accordingly. some of them like rich boy and you can impress her by giving her something expensive , some like clever and just show her how clever you are.

3.Common interest

Find out what is your and her common interest and try to do that thing with her like dancing, singing , acting, modeling etc. If you don’t like something or she doesn’t like something than don’t try to show her that you know it

4.make her comfortable

Try to make her comfortable , do whatever she like and don’t do whatever she don’t like . Never force her to do anything. Think if someone force you to do anything how you will feel , same she feel too. Give her respect and make her comfortable.

5.Be nice with her

Girls like those boy who are nice with her. Show her that you know that how to treat other people with respect. Simply do the nice things during the day for her like give her compliment, a little gift and make her feel special

6.Give her own personal space

Every person have his/her personal life too , don’t try to enter in it.If you will try to know her every moveshe would feel uncomfortable , irritated . give her own personal space and personal time 😀

7.Think before you speak

Think before you speak with her, don’t talk any stupid thing . Girls like funny kind of boy , Try to make smile on her face . whenever you are talking with her then don’t talk too much . Let her speak too and don’t be so boring too, talk with her regularly good thing

8.Respect her decision to impress a girl

Keep in mind that if she dont like you and you’ve tried everything to impress her than just respect her decision , never do any bad thing with her and don’t use any bad way . We are all human and we should respect every person and their decision

9 Improve yourself

You should improve yourself to impress herself.  Take shower regularly , groom yourself, dress well check this blog to be stylish .  find out what mistake you are doing to impress her and try to fix it

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