Is there a pretty girl in your class or at your work place , who you would like to go out with you? If so, than there are few steps to help you get sexy.

1. Men don’t have to get a period

I Don’t have personal experience about it But we all know when period time of the month is coming around then girls cry, laugh, get angry , get happy and cary again , all the matter of second and change every time .They have to bear lot of pain but still girl always show that nothing happened. Guess for a second guys if these thing happen with you then are you able to handle it.So men are lucky because Men only bleed when they are injured

3.Easy to Become father

Ladies who have to face 9 month of trouble for the baby and have to take care of baby to come into this world. But for men they don’t have to do it and they became father just after childbirth . A Big salute for all mother 🙂

Have confidence in yourself

Accept yourself whatever you are, Don’t try to copy other person .People won’t acknowledge you if you haven’t already learn to accept yourself. So you just need to be confident and be the best version of yourself

Have a good hygiene

Take a shower every day to every three day ,Brush twice a day. Use deodorant every day . A straight smile makes a big difference and its make best impression .Groom yourself and you should have a good hairstyle not a normal one

Be fashionable

Be a fashionable men ,see what fashion is trending currently and use that type of clothes and accessories
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Make a good conversation

It is the most important thing if you want to impress of her/his. The most important things to do are to open fearlessly, watch her/his body language and realize it and talk accordingly .Choose a good topic for discuss with her

Good humor

women love a funny guy not a boring one , when you mix a little bit of cocky and little bit of funny than you
can get amazing results. women don’t just appreciate humor, they appreciate humor alone with
sexiness and social tact.