Communication is important for make strong relationships. However, if you don’t truly listen to others, it can be difficult to communicate with friends, family or anyone . Working on your listening skills can help you communicate better and form stronger bonds. Make sure to listen actively. When its’s your turn to talk, then talk or ask your doubt question. Avoid negative habits, like interrupting, to help conversations run smoothly. To become a good listener Follow given point .

Listening Actively

Stay in the present

When Someone talking with you, Do not let your mind to go other things. Avoid distraction things while talking. Put your phone away and give them your full attention. Never think about other things when someone is talking.

Show you’re listening his/her

You want the speaker to feel valued. Make sure to show you’re listening. You can convey you’re paying attention via non-verbal cues. Nod as the speaker talks, smiles and laugh when appropriate, and maintain eye contact.

Make sure that you start talking after speaker finished to talk

People have natural tendency to pause when they speak . If you notice the speaker has paused,do not assume they’re
done talkin. Give them a few seconds before you respond. If speaker does not start talking again after after a few second have passed. then you can assume they’ve finished talking and you can start to talk .

Ask questions for clarification

Understanding is the part of listening .If anything the speaker said and you didn’t understand , ask. When someone finished talking, ask for clarification and clear your doubt.

Avoiding Negative Habits

Do not interrupt

Do not Interrupt until the other person has finished. Interrupting can put the breaks on effective conversation .
Always allow a few seconds of silence after someone finishes talking before offering your response.

Refrain from offering advice

Unless you are explicitly asked, do not offer advice. Unsolicited advice can make it seem like you’re not really listening. You’re only hearing what you want, and offering advice in response. If someone just wants to talk, refrain from trying to tell them what to do.

Do not change the subject suddenly

Some time people change the subject suddenly while talking . Never change the subject until its finished . Even if a subject makes you uncomfortable, Tell him/her that you cant talk about it clearly. But If something important conversation going on then first let it finished

Refrain from judgment

Even if you’re frustrated or angry with someone, try to cultivate empathy when listening. Try to understand how the person feels and why. It’s never a good idea to listen with judgment, as this will reduce your ability to fully communicate. Even if you disagree with someone’s actions or opinions, avoid judgment

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