There are many Reason why men are more lucky than women and many reason why women are more lucky than men . I i will tell you some Reason why men are more lucky then women

1. Men don’t have to get a period

I Don’t have personal experience about it But we all know when period time of the month is coming around then girls cry, laugh, get angry , get happy and cary again , all the matter of second and change every time .They have to bear lot of pain but still girl always show that nothing happened. Guess for a second guys if these thing happen with you then are you able to handle it.So men are lucky because Men only bleed when they are injured

3.Easy to Become father

Ladies who have to face 9 month of trouble for the baby and have to take care of baby to come into this world. But for men they don’t have to do it and they became father just after childbirth . A Big salute for all mother 🙂

3.Men don’t have to shave.

we Really don’t need to care about shave. Nothing is better than a facial hair. just stop shaving for a week and Let that beard grow :P.

4.Easy to find pee place

For women sometimes its difficult to find a place for pee but men usually find their own way and find place easily .

5. Don’t have to work at home

I personally experience this . Believe guys if you think that doing work at home is easy for women then you are wrong . women have to do lot of work at home. when you have little bit free time then go and help your mother , wife or sister in home work .

6.Getting ready is easy.

Usually women have to follow procedure Like from moisturising to make-up, showering to shoe-choosing and cloth choosing for getting ready.But men don’t have all this procedure. In some case men take more time than women 😛 .

7.Fashion is Less Complicated.

shopping is more easy for men than women. usually men buy T-shirts, Shirts and pants, Shoes when they go to shopping .But Once women decided that she is going for shopping then noone can tell that what she is going to be purchased. I don’t know that name but they have to purchase many thing like cloths, beauty products, makeup products etc.So Fashion is not so complicated as it is for women

If we forget anything than let us know in comment section.