Month: February 2017

What Things Girls Hate About Guys

In a relationship or in friendship every guy have female friend .Here i will let you know that what things guys should not do with a girl . Saying I Love You This is the most important thing which girls don’t like , These day people are saying “I love you” to a girl like they are saying Hello to person on first conversation . WTF is this , Guys need to learn first that how to say Hi. Respect a girl , don’t be flirty . Lying Girls don’t like lier guys. whatever you are and whatever you...

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What to do for Get healthier and thicker hair

Eat Healthy Whatever you eat, it will effect your whole body parts. make sure that your diet consists of whole grains such as barley, oats and wheat . They all have vitamin B, zinc and iron which are beneficial for hair follicles. Eet Green vegetables which have vitamin A and c . Make sure whatever you eat you eat it right You need to stop smoking smoking affects the blood flow to your hair follicles leading to disruption of normal hair growth. so guys stay away from smoking Don’t over wash washing is good for hair but daily hair...

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