Friendship is a two way street. you have to do your part so that your friend can do theirs. Here are few tips you can do to make your friendship more better

Be honest

honesty is the key of any relationship. Don’t lie, try and be honest. If you are can’t be somewhere then just tell them. If you are hiding something then you may hide but don’t lie.

Always be there, even in silence

Allow your friend to count on you and be there. if you promise something, follow it through . If you break promises that you have been made for months. it will ruin your friendship. If you want a friendship to grow. show up and be there, It’s that simple 😀 .

Done mistake? fix it

If you have said something horrible or disapointed to your friends, fix it.  you already made mistake or done something wrong, apologize. If that person means anything to you then swallow your pride and apologize.

Don’t be just social media friend.

There are hugs difference b/w social media and real know the kind of friends i am talking about. the one who is just there for the fun times and photo like.People will show you that they are your best friends. sometimes it can be true but not all time. I have best friends but we are not connected on social media . does it make sense for you too?

Know when to let go and walk away

As i told you friendship is like a two tyres of a bike . If you have someone who feel you toxic, waly away. There is nothing wrong with letting go of someone who does
not want the best for you

Understand your friend

The best way to ruin any friendship is by being close minded and failing to see the other side. Try to hear your friend out, see thing from their point of view and try to understand

Guide each other in time of need

Some time your friend maybe going in wrong direction . as you are his/her true friend , its your responsibility that you guide your friend with your honest opinion

Together in good and bad time

If your friend have good time, celebrate it and make the good time more better. if your friend have good time , Help your friend to come out from the problem

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