1. Do what you love

You can do something that you enjoy, such as watching tv, reading a book, swimming, watching a movie, or playing a game,shopping .

2. Hang Out with friends

I think thing is the best thing to do .If you have friends then you can never be bored with them. Go out with them for coffee, or go shopping, make a trip plan with your friends .

3. Spending time on Internet

In today generation Internet is the best way which can not let you bored .you can Surf the web, maybe learn something new or watch videos on YouTube, read the news, or look up jokes.

4.Follow your HObbies

What do you love to do? Go do it! May you love to be outdoors, or write poetry, or make videos on YouTube. Whatever it is, go do it.

5.Replay your past

Look back on your past, your mistakes and your triumphs, and see what lessons you learned and if there is anything new to learn from your past. Our history may not be who we are anymore, but it is still a valuable part of us that we can use to become a better person.

6.Plan your future

Look at your life right now and see where you’re going, and if that’s where you want to be. If not, set new goals, or make the appropriate changes to get your life back on track for success. Plan your future, but at the same time, make sure its flexible enough that when life hits, you don’t fall down. And if you make a mistake, just get back up and try again.

7.Use the Paper

Paper is a blank slate that you can fill with the wonders of your mind. Maybe you can draw a picture, or write a song, or even poetry and short stories. Perhaps you would rather fill the space with carefully thought out plans, or a check list of what you should do. The paper is yours, and like the future, what it becomes is up to you.

8.Do Exercise or other activity

Get out and get your heart pumping. Exercise has proven again and again to fight depression, so it can certainly send boredom running. You can try running a few miles, or something calm like yoga. Just make sure to pace yourself and stretch beforehand.

9.Find new apps

It may be time to look for new apps if you have a smartphone. There are tons of games, as well as other kinds of apps, that you can buy or try for free.

Learn cooking

This is the best thing if nothing is working for you .Why don’t you learn something to cook . Look on youtube and learn new recipes and award yourself that how best you are in cooking 🙂